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Welcome to Tam Funding, a professional mortgage company specializing in residential mortgages. Unlike big banks, we don’t offer a limited range of mortgage options. No two borrowers are alike, so we structure a mortgage based upon your individual needs and work with our over 80+ different mortgage programs to find the right fit for you. Consult with one of our highly trained, experienced and caring mortgage professionals right now and get advice on the right strategy for your circumstance.

Our Four Goal Objective For Your Successful Funding:


1. A Wide Selection of Lending Institutions

Tam Funding has over 80 plus mortgage programs available and access to over 100+ banks. We offer you choices from depository institutions such as traditional banks to non-depository institutions such as non-traditional banks which generally raise capital for mortgages from financial institutions such as insurance companies and hedge funds. The latter have the flexibility to offer broader programs with less stringent guidelines and lower rates.

2. Lower Costs and More Value For Clients

It’s simple: Tam Funding’s goal is to be the lowest overall cost mortgage broker in California.  A wide range of mortgage options is the best way to ensure the lowest rates possible. Tam Funding has one of the widest range of lending options in the industry. This wide selection of lending options provides us the ability to identify the right mortgage for you from multiple lenders at the lowest cost.


3. Easier Mortgage Processes with Less Hassle For Clients

Tam Funding agents are experienced professionals subjected to continuing education and training annually. Our agents are focused only on your mortgage process. All agents are supported behind the scenes by a dedicated and reliable team of professionals empowered with the latest tools in order to ensure your successful funding while providing you with a hassle free mortgage experience.

4. Fast and Efficient Turnaround For Clients

With some of the fastest mortgage closing times in the industry, Tam Funding is designed to make your loan process fast, efficient and stress free. Tam Funding provides you access to the latest, highly secure cloud based tools such a secure, cloud based loan application and secure, cloud based asset data collection directly from your financial institution digitally in order to simplify and reduce your mortgage process turnaround time. Tam Funding also provides you with a team of professionals consistently trained and experienced in delivering a high level of service in all phases of your mortgage process.



What Others Say…

We plan to continue to work with Tam Funding in the future and believe that thier knowledge, integrity and attention to detail will also be an asset to other clients as well.
- Arthur Cordisco

The best recommendation is by my actions which show that I have completed to my satisfaction multiple transactions with Tam Funding in the past and look forward to working with them to further my business goals going forward. I trust Tam Funding and thier work.
- Shashikant Singapuri

I am pleased to recommend Tam Funding and believe their capabilities will successfully help you too.
- Judith Erikson

"I highly recommend Tam Funding because of their creative and persistent ability to work even under challenging circumstances to obtain the best mortgage loans. After reviewing the refinance offer from my existing lender, Tam Funding was able to significantly improve my outcome even as the pandemic lock down took effect. Not only did Tam Funding reduce the loan rate, but they obtained a substantial cash amount for me in the process while still managing to reduce my monthly payments. With the recent uncertainties also, it was challenging to locate an appraiser in a timely manner or even engage some lenders. Tam Funding did both and I am better off for their effort."

Linda Tschappat

Tam Funding.

Tam Funding is a licensed broker under the CA Dept. Real Estate: 02009074. Broker of Record NMLS : 1403204. Corporate NMLS: 1829222. CA Dept. Insurance: OL88065.

Borrower Conditional Approval is issued only when lender underwriting supplies a written clearance to do so. Borrower Conditional Approvals are conditional, not guaranteed and subject to lender review of all borrower information.  The final funding of the loan is dependent upon all borrower conditions being met. Rates indicated are subject to market changes and may only be available to certain qualified borrowers. Tam Funding is an Equal Opportunity Real Estate, Mortgage & Insurance Broker

Equal Housing Lender

National Mortgage Licensing System